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The Emotion Code

Are you suffering from negative emotions or negative thoughts that you can't seem to get past?

Do you have emotional baggage or stress or anxiety? 

Do you have a habit or an addiction you can't seem to get rid of?

Are you experiencing physical discomfort? 

The Emotion Code is a process of eliminating trapped emotions and/or emotional baggage, with muscle testing, that can be causing the different issues you may be experiencing. 

The Emotion Code may help with these issues and more by releasing the trapped emotions in your body that may be contributing to the above problems.

Our Certified Emotion Code Practitioner is trained to use the Emotion Code process to release your trapped emotions and has over 10 years of experience on many clients. 

Call us at 801-404-7638 today to schedule your Emotion Code Session and start experiencing the relief from the issues you may have. 

 Emotion Code Session Pricing:

  • 30 Minute Session - $60

  • 2- 30 Minute Sessions - $100

  • 60 Minute Session - $100


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